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Artist Feature: Eric Van Dyke

Thank you for visiting my featured artist blog!

This is really important to me. Let me quickly share why…

The world we live in is, well, complicated. It can be so ugly, but much of it is so beautiful. It can be competitive, but it can also be encouraging. There is so much anger, but there is still deep love and compassion.

I absolutely LOVE art in many different styles. It inspires me and motivates me. I believe in sharing those things that inspire me with others. And I believe in showing support to other artists and small businesses.

Like most of us living in this “complicated” world, I will not be remembered in history books, bedtime stories and legends (but that would be cool, right?!). But my life will be complete if I can share and leave behind some real happiness here.

Please be inspired and find joy in meeting this new artist…

Featured Artist: Eric Van Dyke 

I first saw Eric Van Dyke’s artwork on Instagram. I love the way each piece is carefully finished on a wood cradled board and how bright and colorful each piece is.

Please take a moment to read Eric’s bio and I bet it would make Eric's day if you take a moment to follow @evdgallery on Instagram and shop the Etsy store

Eric Van Dyke Bio

“My name is Eric Van Dyke. I recently started getting into painting with alcohol inks during the coronavirus quarantine. I have always loved art, and I have an insatiable need to create. Alcohol ink gave me the opportunity to paint in a new way and I instantly fell in love. 

I’m an interior designer by day, but as soon as I can after work, I dive right into alcohol inks to explore new techniques and color combinations. I’ve grown a passion for it and can’t wait to see all of the possibilities. 

To me, one of the best parts of creating anything is the having the opportunity to share it.”



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