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The Beginning

So this is it. The beginning of a new adventure. I have never really put myself out there before. Well, not beyond my personal Facebook page or Instagram. Selling my art was never a motive for creating. I create because I love it. 

Then the requests stared coming. Here and there a friend or family member would send me a message asking if they could purchase one of my paintings. I started gifting my art as a way to share my passion with those I love and care about. Then more requests started coming from people I had never met before. I was not sure what to say. I was not set up to sell my art or sure if I could let go of a piece of me to a total stranger.


A few months ago, I received a request from a fellow art group member for a couple small ocean wave pieces. She wanted to gift them to her grandsons who love the ocean and were moving into a new house. My heart was moved. Those two ocean waves became the first pieces I sold and I felt honored. 

Since then, I have taken inventory of my overwhelmingly full art room and decided it is time for this new beginning. I truly hope you love them as much as I do. 

Anything you want to know about my art or creative process?

I'd love to hear from you. Here's my contact info.