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Collection: EmOceans

The thoughts that inspired this new collection:

Looking at the ocean, I feel inspired.

But the waves look overwhelming,

Like they will drown me.

That does not seem hopeful.

Looking for more, I realize…

Sometimes there is no choice

but to let the waves crash over me

And pull me down to the depths.

There is no use fighting it.

The more I struggle,

the quicker I begin to drown.

So, maybe the hope is in the chance.

If I let go,

The waves may just push me back to shore.

When I find myself there,

sputtering and gasping for air

I’ll know… I’m still alive.

- Reahna Miller

On the surface, there may not seem to be much hope. Things can seem really overwhelming.  But when we can just let go, often we find it really will be ok. 

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