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The Personal Stuff

Jake, CJ, KC, TJ, Me and Grandpa Jay

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, USA, the evergreen trees, lush landscapes and the ocean have claimed my heart. I don’t think I can ever leave.

My husband and I have been together for 18 years and have three beautifully unique teenagers and two crazy dogs. Seriously, one dog thinks she is a human and the other behaves like a cat. We love them.

I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting which helps me in my career in banking operations, but does not fill my deeply rooted need to be creative. Which brings me to the fun stuff, Art!!

The Fun Stuff

Creative expression is my deep non-guilty obsession. An old piece of furniture, a piece of wood, rocks; I see blank canvases everywhere. My mind is always thinking about how I can transform the simplest things into works of art. It is because of that adventuring creative spirit that you will see a range of styles and substrates I use to create.

When I discovered alcohol ink, I fell in love. Alcohol ink is so unruly and unpredictable, it’s liberating. The ink demands the artist let go and allow the life of the piece to become organically. It is peaceful.

It is an amazing feeling, sharing my passion. My hope is you enjoy my work as much as I love creating it.

Updated note about Commissions:

I am currently accepting a limited number of commission requests. If you are interested in a custom painting please email me